Well, not much to discuss lately, except that I lost hours of effort attempting to clean up my blackjack game in preparation for refactoring. I had decided to rewrite from the beginning, but when it didn’t work correctly, I began debugging. But everytime I made a change to the source, nothing changed in the game play. After maybe 3 hours of banging my head, I finally realized that I was running the old blackjack game not the newly rewritten one. D’oh! So I ran the new one and what do ya know? Everything worked just fine. Haha! Set me back some in class so, I gotta go now and get all caught up.



The PickAxe

I just ordered “Programming Ruby 1.9, The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide by Dave Thomas and others”. From what I understand this is THE Ruby book to have. Can’t wait for delivery!Image

My Very First Blog Entry

My very first blog post ever. Still trying to figure out how to work with WordPress, so please excuse the appearance.

I am currently taking an online Ruby course at Tealeaf Academy. I have to say I am enjoying it tremendously. Very challenging for a newbie like myself and moves at a quick pace. I just finished my very first complete program. The program was a project for the Tealeaf. It is written procedurally, but this week we are working on refactoring the source to OOP. I like the intensity of the course because it forces me to completely immerse myself into Ruby. So, much so that the other night my lovely wife, Angelica, said I was speaking in my sleep about “some code stuff”! Haha! Well that is it for my first entry. More to come soon. Oh, one last thing. You can check out my Blackjack game at GitHub.